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The Main Purpose of Freeze Dryer

Freeze dryer, also known as vacuum freeze dryer, is a kind of low temperature drying equipment that uses the principle of sublimation to dehydrate materials. Since freeze-drying technology is carried out in a low-temperature and low-oxygen environment, most biological reactions are stagnant, and there is no liquid water in the treatment process, instead the water directly sublimates in a solid state, so that the original structure and shape of the material are protected to the greatest extent, and high-quality dry products with both appearance and internal quality are finally obtained. At present, freeze-drying technology has been widely used in various fields such as medicine, biological products, food, and active substances, and its application scale is still expanding rapidly.
At present, freeze dryers are mainly used in the following aspects:
1. Biological products and pharmaceuticals: such as antibiotics, antitoxins, diagnostic supplies and vaccines.
2. Microorganisms and algae: such as yeast, enzymes, protozoa, microalgae, etc.
3. Biological specimens and living tissues: such as the production of various animal and plant specimens, and the dry preservation of cortex, cornea, bone, aorta, heart valve and other marginal tissues used for animal xenotransplantation or allogeneic transplantation.
4. Making small tissue slices for optical microscopes, electronic scanning and projection microscopes.
5. Food drying: such as coffee, tea, fish, meat and eggs, seaweed, fruits, vegetables, seasonings, tofu, convenience foods.
6. Advanced nutrition and Chinese herbal medicine: such as royal jelly, honey, pollen, Chinese herbal medicine, etc.
7. Others: For example, the catalyst in chemical industry can increase the catalytic efficiency by 5-20 times after freeze-drying. Freeze-dry plant leaves and soil and save them to study the influence of soil, fertilizer and climate on plant growth and the role of growth factors. Damp wooden cultural relics and flooded book manuscripts, etc. are  freeze-dried to keep the original condition to the greatest extent possible.
In the freezing vacuum drying process, no impurities are mixed into the object, which can keep the original ingredients and active ingredients of the material and the shape of the material intact. According to the purpose of freeze dryer, it can be divided into laboratory type, pilot type and production type. The appropriate freeze dryer should be selected based on actual needs.


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