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NBJ-18T Type Vacuum Freeze Dryer

Brand:NANBEI<br> Model:NBJ-18T Type Vacuum Freeze Dryer<br> Application:Laboratory,School,Hospital

    NBJ-18 series of freeze-dryer


    NBJ-18 freezing dryer is suitable for freeze-drying experiment in laboratory or a small amount production. So they may meet some conventional needs of laboratory.

    Main Characteristics:

    1. Match the green environmental protection of international standard

    2. LCD display, Chinese interface, display drying curve

    3. Big openings of the cold trap, without coil pipe inside, have pre-freeze function

    4. Imported compressor, high capability of water-capture, low noise

    5. The pre-cooling shelf can be used as draft tube, so it can accelerate the speed of drying

    6. Cold trap and operation pane are all stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and bright

    7. Transparent bell-cap drying room is safe and visual

    8. Stainless steel sample shelf, the space of common sample tray can be adjusted

    9. Small volume, convenient operation

    10. Valve with nitrogen is optional.

    Technical parameter:




    T type

    Cold trap temperature


    Vacuum   degree

    <10 Pa

    Water-capture capacity

    6 Kg/24h


    1400 W





    Notice: The temperature of cold trap may reach -80℃ according to the user’s needs.

    Remark: This product is for civilian use only


    * NBJ-18T Type Vacuum Freeze Dryer

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