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NBJ-30F Standard Type Freeze Dryer

Brand:NANBEI<br> Model:NBJ-30F Standard Type Freeze Dryer<br> Application:Laboratory,School,Hospital


    NBJ-30F Vacuum Freeze Dryer (standard type)

    Introduction about freeze dryer:

    NBJ-30F Freeze Dryer is suitable for pilot scale or small scale production. 

    This series is one of our patent products.This series of dryers with heating shelf,freezing and drying process are finished in the same place.

    It changes traditional complicated operation and prevents the product from pollution.

    Main Features:

    * With heating shelf and PID control standard, with programmable function

    * Freeze and drying process are completed on shelves

    * 32 groups programme can be stored, each programme can be set up 36 segments

    * With organic glass observation window, whole process is easy to see 

    * Silicon oil fills hollow shelves, with most uniform shelf temp.,consistent and repeatable drying 

    * Big touch screen LCD display drying curves

    * Internal surface of rectangular chamber and productc tray are constructed of stainless steel

    * Air-let-in valve with nitrogen is available

    * Eutectic point test device is optional

    Technical Parameter  (NBJ-30F standard type):

    Freeze drying area


    Condenser capacity

    6 kg /24h

    Condenser temperature 

    Min. -70

    Vacuum degree

    10 Pa

     shelf temperature


    Shelf layers

    4+1 layers; 50mm spacing

    Shelf size


    Bulk capacity

    4 L, 10mm thickness

    Vial capacity Φ12mm

    2600 pcs

    Vial capacity Φ16mm

    1440 pcs

    Vial capacity Φ22mm

    728 pcs

    Electric defrosting



    Airdraughty,ambient temperature25


    220V, 50Hz

    Host dimension 



    300 kg


    3.5 KW

    Remark: This product is for civilian use only


    * NBJ-30F Standard Type Freeze Dryer

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